urban poor

People in the favelas found their voice protesting the games' broken promises.
As the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) approaches, the inclusion of
In order to ensure maximum usage of the sack, she grows some crops on the sides of the bag. “Usually the crops with big roots
Researchers asked the young people how they felt about their physical environment and whether they felt they had positive
Rio de Janeiro is moving forward with the expansion of land titling for its most vulnerable citizens through Minha Casa Minha Vida, the national housing program, and Morar Carioca, the city's urban upgrading program.
Too many transportation initiatives focus on cars and highways, thus favoring the rich and the middle class. But there are ways to provide safer, more affordable, eco-friendly and reliable transportation to the poor in the Global South, as the following examples demonstrate.
Urban poverty in the Global South does not occur in a vacuum: many of the urban poor are recent migrants from rural areas who have come to the city in search of a better life.
The urban poor are often stereotyped, viewed merely as a problem to be solved -- or ignored. Initiatives across the Global South are thus exploring ways of telling the story of poverty in an inclusive and realistic way.
We need to freeze the footprint of food -- find ways to double the productivity of farming, so that we can produce twice as much food and fiber on the same amount of land. This will require many actors working on several strategies simultaneously.
In 1970, when America celebrated its first Earth Day, hybrid cars and eco-friendly light bulbs weren't even a blip on the
Nairobi is a thriving metropolis that unfortunately suffers from high levels of inequality and violence. Sixty-five percent of the city's population of 4 million lives in the highly marginalized densely populated slums of the city. In 2007, something remarkable happened.
In the developing world, mobile phones are both ubiquitous and relatively affordable. They're also being put to work in more innovative ways that magnify their impact on the lives of the urban poor.
Taoists perceive nature differently than many. It is the nature of mathematics that one is given the choice to see the world as discrete units (algebra), or continuous motion (calculus). It is the same with strategy.
As a minister, I proposed the draft law on domestic violence in Parliament, negotiated an international agreement with Thailand
Over the last decade, much of the conversation surrounding poverty in America has focused on the urban poor. But according