Urban Prep

In March 2016, Chicago-based Urban Prep advertised that 100 percent of its 252 seniors have been admitted into a four-year
Urban Prep has now expanded its mission to spread the "counter-narrative" to reach beyond schools walls. As the media coverage of Mr. Hoard's death exemplified, they have been successful. In the days that followed Mr. King's email notifying the public of the tragic shooting, headline stories emerged.
Our changes must go beyond simple gun control; they must be thoughtful, comprehensive and persistent. Controlling the proliferation of guns is important, but supporting educational and community programs are our best bet to break the cycle of violence.
Closing schools is a decision with far-reaching consequences that shouldn't be undertaken for the credibility of any particular movement, but only as a final measure in support of undeserved students.
The threat of violence is especially high when students get out of class at 4 p.m., and many stay after school for football
We credit our ability to keep significantly more students than other schools to our engaging and unique positive school culture.
At the moment, only four public schools in the city are single-sex. He also repeated his claim that, outside of selective
The students also have a creed, which they recite every morning. It finishes: "We believe in ourselves. We believe in each
Borrowing from a longstanding sports tradition, Englewood's Urban Prep Academy for Young Men held a signing day today for