urban sprawl

In the last two decades, 13 percent of the state has gone up in flames.
Recently, the Nature Conservancy has been working with Monterrey's FEMSA Foundation as well as the International Interamerican
In 2010, Milpa Alta had the highest levels of poverty in all of Mexico. Given the dire situation, María Fernanda Carvallo
Historians of the future may debate whether Benjamin Ross is right, but at least he tries to explain why 30 years after World War II it was American cities, not European, that looked bombed out.
But if the city could maximize carpooling, or use smaller personal transportation, "that would solve most of the problem
A 33-page IPCC summary - with a photo of Shanghai on the cover - was issued on Sunday. It said yet-to-be-built cities could
The expanding colors on the maps represent the expansion of "urban land," or land developed for residential, commercial and
Halloween trick or treating is many things: a tradition of American childhood, a chance for kids and adults alike to express their creativity, a day when it's OK for everyone to eat candy. Here's something else it's inadvertently become: a measure of how far apart many Americans now live from their neighbors -- and as such, a proxy for community.
Rail technology will improve, and in fact already is. Even with right-of-way purchased adaptation of traditional HSR to other
Plenty of people and groups have worked to limit where new malls and housing occurs. The lands at risk deserve protection, and all of the Bay Area's open spaces need stewardship and investment to thrive.
In the metropolis where finance overwhelms the presence of every other industry and is the dominant driver of prosperity, a creative void has undeniably emerged.
The Language of Towns and Cities is an oddly personal work. I say "oddly," because the book's title invokes that most characteristically objective of all books, the dictionary.
But now, a preference has become a mandate, as sprawl has quietly been identified as a central cause behind a growing list of mounting national crises including foreign oil dependency, climate change, and the obesity epidemic.
If The Smart Growth Manual used images that were more urban, it would have an easier time facilitating a dialogue between the warring camps of urbanists.
Part 1: In physics, the second law of thermodynamics, which deals with the natural flow of energy distribution (no, you won't
We need a vision that will excite businesses and alert them to where investments can be fruitfully made. A vision that exudes confidence about the future.
There is no better time for implementing an equity agenda than now. 37 million people live in poverty and many more are one paycheck away. All it takes is one health crisis or a downsizing at the office.
The California Assembly and Senate have passed legislation, SB 375, that would encourage local communities to control sprawl