The first anniversary of Dad's death was looming. His ashes were still sitting in a generic plastic urn in his study, surrounded by photographs of his family. And we couldn't decide what to do with them.
Renato Bialetti, who brought the stove-top Moka coffee maker to the masses, died on Feb. 11.
Her determination paid off: Soon after the initial news report aired, Smith managed to get in touch with Carole Irwin, the
Most immediately, this weekend Jane Hillhouse of Final Footprint will be a featured exhibitor at the 10th Annual New Living
Throughout the United States there is increasing interest in natural burial as a way to honor lives that have been lived with care for the planet.
Commercial funeral practices put gallons of embalming fluid, and tons of metal and exotic hardwoods into the ground. And I was surprised to learn that cremation is equally polluting and energy-intensive.
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