Ursula von der Leyen

The relief package represents a victory for the idea of a united Europe.
European Union officials said that the illness doesn't respect borders, and requires "cooperation rather than unilateral action."
Prosecutors believe three suspects wanted to implicate asylum seekers in their planned attack.
Germany's position as Europe's leading economic and political power put Chancellor Merkel in an awkward position vis-a-vis how to address Vladimir Putin's extra-territorial activities.
Tony Blair on a united Europe: Twenty-six million European youth are looking for work. Even as the Eurozone inches toward
Sooner or later, a crisis of skilled labor will require all aging industrial societies to actively engage with the global labor market. Germany today possesses all the prerequisites for coping with the ongoing transformation. But this will require an openness to change.
It used to be that you attended university and then you went to work. Now, the demand for skills is changing fast. No matter how experienced you are, you need to be nimble.
The epidemic of overwork in China became evident once more this year when 24-year-old Li Yuan, an employee at the Beijing