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"Your Zero Tolerance policy has resulted in the unnecessary trauma and suffering of innocent children," the bipartisan group of attorneys wrote.
Gasoline in California is one buck more per gallon than it is in the rest of America, thanks to low inventories and a series of suspicious oil-refinery shutdowns that drove huge first-quarter profits for the oil companies. Are California oil refiners manipulating gasoline supplies through shutdowns to drive pump prices and profits higher?
We need to constantly remind ourselves that these are not "bad" kids, but many of them are kids to whom bad things have happened. With help, these fragile teens can and will succeed -- but not by locking them up with adults.
The Associated Press first obtained a copy of a grand jury subpoena that the U.S. attorney’s office in Raleigh issued requesting
Instead of following the directive of the President and Attorney General on this matter, California U.S. Attorneys were blatantly ignoring the directive concerning compliance with state law.
While his confirmation was being held up by conservatives in the Senate concerned about his lack of a prosecutorial background
Tellez-Ponce had been arrested back in 2010 for allegedly attempting to smuggle 151 lbs. of marijuana that had been welded
“This office has always prioritized cases involving key federal interests: protecting federal lands, disrupting international
“We looked at this and the conclusion was this doesn’t really change anything for us,” said Amanda Marshall, the U.S. Attorney
Encouraged by the Ogden memo and DeAngelo's public assertions of his million-dollar monthly revenue, medical pot shops flooded
Former Assembly member Jimmy Meng, the first Asian-American legislator to serve on the state level, was arrested by federal
The IRS, meanwhile, has declared California pot clinics can no longer deduct salaries, rent or other operating expenses on
Bilbray, 25, is the daughter of U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.), who represents the northern coastal region of San Diego
Last week U.S. Attorney Laura E. Duffy, whose district includes San Diego County, announced plans to target media outlets
Deutsche did none of those things, according to the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank made "substantial profits" by selling
A question reporters and the public need to pursue is whether a culture of error and cover-up prevailed in the Department of Justice under Bush and continues under President Obama.
Shock waves from Judge Jed Rakoff's scathing denunciation of a proposed settlement between the SEC and the Bank of America are still rippling through Wall Street and Washington.
Nobody listens to Alberto Gonzales in large part because, putting it charitably, he was not merely an unprincipled attorney general but an uninspired one. Of course, we also tune him out because we can't be sure he's telling the truth.
The prosecution had acted in a way that was "demonstrably honorable," and the defense's charges that the case had been marked
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