us birth rate

But we're still behind the rest of the industrialized world.
Long work hours, heavy student debt, job and career stress, anticipated work-family conflict and health and social tradeoffs all weighed into the decision to plan or not to plan to have babies.
While the women's movement is often cited for encouraging women to delay motherhood, new data suggests there may now be another
The traditional religious emphasis on copious reproduction and common teachings against the use of contraception are having a direct impact on population growth, especially in countries that can't afford it.
Is having fewer children the mark of decadence? The New York Times' cultural conservative, Ross Douthat, has been arguing that. But he is seriously, even dangerously wrong, and that the people he's criticizing are the ones who are taking responsibility for the future.
Many young Americans are postponing starting their own families because they are struggling to stay afloat. Some 22 percent
Japan is a cautionary example of what could happen if the U.S. economy stays weak indefinitely. Japan has been in an economic
The Pew report also shows that states with the highest levels of unemployment had the biggest decreases in birth rate. And
As older folks continue to stick around longer and longer, it negatively affects the birth rate because the proportion of infertile people is increasing.