U.S. Bishops

The nuns launched their assembly with interpretive dance and happy songs about justice. But after Vatican-based Rev. Hank
The practice of Catholicism by U.S. Hispanics has never been higher, but the needs of this huge community require the Church to do more.
The Rev. Joseph E. Kurtz, Archbishop of Louisville, was elected President Of US Catholic Bishops today at the Catholic Bishops
One goal of the U.S. bishops this year is to improve homilies at Mass. Homilies and music are integral to helping people experience God's presence.
The bishops may take some satisfaction in an approval rating of 70 percent, but raising poll numbers was never their goal. The year 2012 still presents challenges, especially in the area of sexual abuse.
The bishops' Fortnight for Freedom is over, but the concern for religious liberty has only begun to be heard. Now where do those who want to stand up for religious freedom go? The answer is everywhere because religious freedom is a worldwide concern.
Health care for all has been a goal for the U.S. bishops for almost a century. Yet despite the apparent Supreme Court victory June 28 for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the nation still does not have health care for all.
I was raised Roman Catholic -- a product of Catholic school education through Grades 1-12, taught by the nuns, Sisters of Mercy. I regret that in the past I never understood their real value. I do now.
Rev. Martin explained the Twitter effort in an email to The Huffington Post: With his opening tweets, the immensely popular
(Reporting by Stephanie Simon in Denver; Editing by Will Dunham) 'NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEN THERE' Xavier, which was founded