U.S. border

Thousands of Central American migrants are using the city as a temporary home base until they attempt to apply for asylum in the U.S.
Eight migrants traveling in a caravan from Central America have been permitted to apply for asylum in the U.S.
A caravan of migrants escaping violent conditions in Central America has reached the U.S. border, but officials say they don’t have the resources to process them.
By 2016, federal government funding of border and immigration enforcement added up to $5 billion more than that for all other federal law enforcement agencies combined.
The immigration status of many of these children remains in flux.
In Arizona, with up to a billion dollars potentially at its disposal, CBP has tasked Elbit with creating a "wall" of "integrated fixed towers" containing the latest in cameras, radar, motion sensors, and control rooms.
New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown wants the Obama administration to beef up security on the U.S.-Mexico border because of -- among many things, including his lagging poll numbers -- Ebola.
Moral arguments aside, with every detention and deportation of debt-laden migrants, the U.S. only deepens the need for Central American households to send a loved one north.
Amidst the horrific gang violence in these nations, the wives, girlfriends and mothers of gang members are targets for violence and revenge killing by rival gangs.
Whether a person is in "your" country legally or not, whether a person is living in occupied territory or settled land, whether a person is from Asia or from Europe -- people are people with no exceptions.
From The Detroit News: Read more at The Detroit News. About 50 protesters led by the group Michiganders for Immigration Control
The Obama administration projects more than 150,000 unaccompanied children under the age of 18 could next year flee Central
To avoid this stress, as a holiday traveler, it is your duty to prepare yourself for the inevitable immigration process.
Are these deaths acceptable to us because they're "illegals"? There is a severe lack of interest, empathy, and outrage for
What border cities and the people who live there are showing us, is that we can all live together in peace. And all of us
While Hillary had healed the divisions within the party to a large extent by the 2008 Democratic nominating convention, Obama naming Hillary for Secretary of State cemented the two halves of the party back together in an impressive way.
Border Patrol forces, still growing, have more than doubled in the years since 9/11. As the new uniformed soldiers of the Department of Homeland Security, close to 20,000 Border Patrol agents now occupy the U.S. Southwest.
"We didn't have any other options from my perspective," he said. "One of the two. We chose the latter." "I've got a strong
To quote Lawrence O'Donnell from his show back in February, Wayne LaPierre is "Washington's lobbyist in favor of murderer's rights, always to use the gun of their choice."