us-canada border

Cedella Roman, 19, was arrested on May 21 in Blaine, Washington -- half-a-mile from the border.
Refugees are risking their lives to apply for asylum in Canada rather than in the U.S.
The prime minister will sit down at the first U.S. state dinner for Canada's leader in two decades.
The GOP candidate said he'd consider securing the Canadian border with a wall.
A 2010 government report found only 32 miles of the northern border had "an acceptable level of security."
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Environmental laws in the U.S. and Canada are a big part of why we still have large carnivores roaming remote mountain valleys, but they provide an imperfect safety net, due to differences in management objectives.
I have been cursed at a Chinese border. In Dubai, my passport was studied by three veiled women for over an hour and my suitcase completely dismembered. In the Philippines I had to bribe someone in order to get my visa extended for a few days. But never, ever, will I return to the United States of America.
There is still no wall on what was once dubbed the "longest undefended border in the world." But don't let that fool you. The U.S.-Canadian border is increasingly a national security hotspot watched over by drones, surveillance towers, and agents of the Department of Homeland Security.