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It's unclear if the anti-LGBTQ House speaker knew that Willa Cather, who just got a statue in the U.S. Capitol, was in a 40-year relationship with a woman.
Pauline Bauer, 55, screamed death threats at the then-House speaker and accosted officers who were trying to secure the Rotunda.
The Justice Department is increasingly trying to prevent rioters from being able to profit from participating in the 2021 attack.
Ginni Thomas, Trump’s appointee to the Library of Congress Trust Fund Board, repeatedly lobbied Trump aides to overturn the 2020 election — and yet she still remains in her appointed position.
The ex-president could get punished with "an unpleasant reminder," the late-night host warned.
The entire Trump presidency was rooted in lies, and those lies have added to the persistent chipping away at democracy.
If we lose democracy, what’s next?
As concerns about the possible end of American democracy persist, let us remember: It’s always been the end.
At a final meeting on Monday, the panel’s seven Democrats and two Republicans are poised to recommend criminal charges against former President Donald Trump.
The U.S. Supreme Court justice wrote the infamous 1857 decision that held African-Americans were not citizens.