U.S. Capitol riot

The 7-foot-tall barriers have been in place since the Jan. 6 insurrection. Lawmakers from both parties have called for them to be removed.
"What’s made us different is our willingness, our ability to confront these challenges with full transparency," the secretary of state said.
Trump's link to the alleged crimes of Proud Boys "sergeant at arms" Ethan Nordean pops up in a court filing just before the Senate impeachment trial.
One Twitter user asked the Missouri Republican point blank: "How can we believe you're being muzzled when you never shut the f**k up?"
"I support you and you are valid," the school massacre survivor wrote to the congresswoman. "There are many more of us that support you than don’t."
The feds say Enrique Tarrio had previously helped authorities prosecute more than a dozen people in various cases.
“President Trump said we are not giving up the White House. He said we are going to fight,” recounted a supporter at the U.S. Capitol on a Just Security video.
"We all stormed the us capital and tried to take over the government," he wrote. "We failed but f**k it."
Donald Trump is responsible for the Jan. 6 riot, but so are you, according to the House Republican leader.
Eight Trump campaign officials were listed on the permit for the rally that ended with the deadly storming of the Capitol, reports the Center for Responsive Politics.