u.s. citizenship

The plaintiffs say the administration's justification for adding the question is just a pretext to use the count to discriminate.
Thai native Vilailuck Teigen passed with a perfect score.
We've been to this circus before. This one's from the summer of '89, along with a terrific Tony Auth cartoon.
While many across the world are busy planning summer vacations to visit family and loved ones, thousands of people's ability to do so has been restrained and unfairly burdened at the hands of Congress. Why? The sole explanation is because of their ancestral heritage and/or national origin.
Applying to be a citizen is very challenging - perhaps as it should be. But surveys of LPRs reveal many myths and fears. It is no wonder many have waited decades.
She also dropped some knowledge about Colombian culture.
Thousands of foreign-born adoptees are at risk without citizenship.
"People shouldn't have to answer this sh*t."
I've been following the advice of the Freakonomics guys, who advise us to think like a child and ask seemingly naive questions in the pursuit of higher truths. So I asked myself, "Would something like the Homestead Act for undocumented immigrants be a good idea?"