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In a heart-pounding video, a U.S. Coast Guard service member busted a speeding semi-submersible boat carrying cocaine.
A service member jumped onto the speeding, semi-submerged vessel in the heart-pounding clip.
The public is barred from a popular two-mile stretch of the Potomac whenever Trump visits his Virginia club.
Conditions in the area are just right for monsters... as in monster waves.
The children's father did not survive the devastating storm.
Heroes from Harvey reunite with kids they saved who were in need of dialysis treatment during the hurricane.
Sugar Land resident Joe Salvide discusses the storm and its impact.
HuffPost joins U.S. Coast Guard on a flight to survey flooding in Texas.
The crew of Alaska Juris issued a distress alert to the Coast Guard and put on survival suits before leaving their ship.
Looking back on the production of The Finest Hours (which was just released on Blu-ray & DVD yesterday), Gillespie was especially proud of the way this film's cast and crew worked together to make some of this movie's more complex shots possible.
Samantha Broberg, 33, was reported missing and might have fallen overboard about 195 miles from the Texas coast.
Ray Baluchi's publicist says he plans to try his 3,500-mile "ocean run" yet again.
During the past few years I became quite close to two veterans. One is a World War II veteran. The other is a Vietnam War veteran. The World War II veteran, John Tschirhart -- "the French-American" -- recently celebrated his 95th birthday.
Early on you learn these seventy foot waves have ripped two oil tankers in half during a blizzard in 1952 off Chatham, Cape
Like your high school English teacher probably told you, it is important to show and not just tell a story. Servicemen and women are people of action. So, if you really want to show your appreciation for their service, don't just thank them, do something.