us coast guard

Authorities called the incident one of the deadliest human smuggling operations ever in the U.S.
At least one body has been found but search teams are still looking for the other passengers.
The star of "A Dolphin's Tale" series of movies died on Nov. 11 at age 16 of an inoperable intestinal problem.
The U.S. Coast Guard, lifeguards and other agencies responded to an overturned vessel near the Point Loma peninsula.
In a heart-pounding video, a U.S. Coast Guard service member busted a speeding semi-submersible boat carrying cocaine.
A service member jumped onto the speeding, semi-submerged vessel in the heart-pounding clip.
The public is barred from a popular two-mile stretch of the Potomac whenever Trump visits his Virginia club.
Conditions in the area are just right for monsters... as in monster waves.
The children's father did not survive the devastating storm.