US Constitution

A federal judge in Oklahoma says the state’s three-drug lethal injection method is constitutional.
The Tennessee lawmaker doesn't seem to know what's in the U.S. Constitution.
The extremist Colorado Republican is getting called out on Twitter.
The Equal Rights Amendment, which ensures women have equal protections under the law, should become the 28th Amendment of the Constitution this week.
Trump's former national security adviser called for the nation to have a single religion.
Attorneys for Roof argued that the court’s decision to uphold his federal conviction and sentence interpreted too broadly the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.
Trump's main defense is that he can't be tried because he's not in office anymore.
A U.S. district judge in Utah said it was unconstitutional for people born in American Samoa to be considered U.S. “nationals” and not citizens with full rights.
The White House planned to solicit private donations to pay Trump’s Doral resort because government funds are prohibited. But he's taken those funds all along.