U.S. department of commerce

I quickly realized that the talent and commitment of this cohort of civil servants is a veritable secret to the American
Trump has had countless chances to put his money where his mouth is. Yet he hasn't.
However, at the same time the pipeline and protests surrounding it were galvanizing an international swell of solidarity
The U.S.-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council, a joint body to harmonize regulatory activities, has taken steps to help
European regulators will keep U.S. firms in line with the new rules.
After months of unease for United States companies and their counsel alike, a deal has tentatively been reached by the United
Our country's singular ability to attract FDI has delivered growth, prosperity, and jobs coming out of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. And our continuing ability to ensure that the U.S. remains the top-global destination for FDI will be critical to furthering our future economic success and our ongoing global leadership.
Currency manipulation violates free market principals, but for China, doing it makes sense. This potent action by a major economic competitor raises the question of when the United States government is going to stop pretending currency manipulation doesn't exit.
American workers and American manufacturers don't oppose trade. They can compete on a level playing field with anyone in the world. But the current trade regime, swept in without serious analysis on the back of Fast Track authority, has failed to provide a level playing field.
Just imagine the possibilities of deploying the same American business ingenuity that fuels the world's leading economy to tackling the most critical issues of our time - such as eradicating extreme poverty, ensuring strong community health and education systems, protecting our natural resources.