U.S. Department of Defense

But it's still unclear what Defense Secretary James Mattis actually recommended.
Niger villagers recount finding Johnson's body with a large head wound.
“We just can’t keep killing our way out of this problem.”
They would like to know Trump's intent in North Korea, Syria and elsewhere.
Secretary Jim Mattis is defending America without a full team of senior staff.
Whatever else the deadly Fourth of July terrorist attack on Saudi Arabia's holy city of Medina indicates, it further complicated matters for Saudi rulers, President Obama, Congress and even ordinary Americans eager to confront terrorism.
According to the Pentagon, they will be recruiting participants via popular crowdsourcing services. Those who pass a mandatory
From 1942 until 1962 almost 200,000 U.S. soldiers were often unknowingly exposed to different levels of radiation during the testing of atomic and hydrogen weapons.
Instead of advocating for the return of the draft, Moulton was joining prominent leaders such as President Obama and General McChrystal (who is leading the Franklin Project) to call on all Americans to engage in some act of public service in their lifetime -- just as the civilians who I served with had done.
Military personnel must understand values all Americans share, but recognize how their responsibilities change with their oath. Every military initiative in the area of morals and ethics must be grounded in the core values that flow from that oath.