U.S. Department of Energy

With $8.5 billion to spend on the programs, regulators just laid out how accurately the White House wants states to measure how much energy is wasted.
The right-wing senator previously proposed banning Congress members from trading stocks, which Jennifer Granholm said she "would not object to."
The agency's reportedly "low confidence" assessment further divides the intelligence community on how the coronavirus pandemic began in 2019.
The new program may draw fire from environmentalists, but decarbonization experts say the infrastructure is needed to hit climate goals.
Shalanda Baker, who would lead the Energy Department's Office of Minority Economic Impact, said non-white communities are often "invisible to lawmakers."
The former Michigan governor has earned praise from climate groups for her commitment to renewable energy.
One official praised efforts to increase international exports from Texas as "critical to spreading freedom gas throughout the world."
“Now is not the time to slash funding for this promising research," a Democratic senator said.
States can spend as much as 15 percent of their payout to subsidize construction of public charging stations for electric cars.