U.S. Department of Energy

One official praised efforts to increase international exports from Texas as "critical to spreading freedom gas throughout the world."
“Now is not the time to slash funding for this promising research," a Democratic senator said.
States can spend as much as 15 percent of their payout to subsidize construction of public charging stations for electric cars.
Construction on America’s largest wind power plant began last year in Oklahoma. This project, the Wind Catcher Energy Connection
Solutions to the climate crisis are possible, asserts former U.S. Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz, but the nation needs
Favoring fossil fuel incumbents over their clean energy competitors is not deregulation.
Government handouts for coal, oil and gas dwarf those for wind and solar.
William C. Bradford quit days after CNN accused him of calling Obama “the son of a fourth-rate p&*n actress" on social media.
“It’s not a crisis, but if people start running out of gas it's gonna be interesting."
The BP oil spill was the last major disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. It proved difficult to contain.