U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Some providers are terrific, some are terrible. And regulators haven't kept up.
Immigrant advocates say the government is using child welfare rights as a political lever to secure more funding.
"It’s clearly an inhumane policy to maintain kids in these kinds of shelters,” one state lawmaker said.
GOP Gov. Matt Bevin has threatened to reverse the expansion of that program if he doesn't get his way.
The inspection will examine the health and safety of the facilities housing about 12,000 children.
They also have to give two weeks' notice before visiting a detention facility or they'll be denied access, per a new HHS directive.
Dr. Robert Redfield, who was hired in March, was receiving nearly double what his predecessor earned.
There have been isolated reports of weed being spiked with the synthetic opioid, but they aren't credible.
The numbers are only rising a little bit, but the U.S. already spends quite a lot.
From inaction to outright sabotage, the White House is endangering hard-won progress toward ending the epidemic.
He’s called it dead, dying, on its last legs. But Americans can still get insurance under the Affordable Care Act.
President Donald Trump would be hard-pressed to find a worse candidate to lead the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Learn more about supportive housing from the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness. Today, we're starting to
Round 12 The fight is going into overtime for the main reason- people are beginning to ask the question who really cares
The president has taken important steps to increase the capacity of the mental health system in the U.S. With the support of Congress, SAMHSA can build on its leadership and success to help all Americans -- including those with SMI -- lead healthy, full, and productive lives in their communities.
"Foster care is not fun for anyone," says 24-year-old law student Amy Peters, who entered Nebraska's foster care system at age 12 and remained until she "aged out" at 19. Fortunately for Amy, she excelled in high school and was accepted at the University of Nebraska.
Reminders to patients to take their prescriptions and refill them as needed are thus critical to improved medication adherence. But someone has to pay for these reminders.
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Equipment and supplies needed to deliver services in Sandy-impacted areas. For more information and a link to the application