us drone missiles

A lack of accountability in the US and UK's drone programs has prompted the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to launch an investigation into potential war crimes. Jessica Corsi, Josh Hersh and Naureen Shah join Ahmed to discuss.
Think about it: What does a drone do? Like a modern car factory, it replaces a pilot, a skilled job that takes significant training, with robotics and a degraded version of the same job outsourced elsewhere.
More than 35,000 people in Pakistan have died due to religious terrorism and yet our media and urban middle class is more worried about drones which aim at perpetrators of those horrendous crimes.
We have no candidate of our own in a wide open contest for the next Yemini strongman. So we revert to our rote formula. The great game that we call the 'war on terror' goes on -- and on.
Drones may be new, futuristic weapons, but the U.S. drone campaign in Pakistan raises the oldest of international legal questions: what gives one country the right to violate the sovereignty of another?
U.S. air power is a form of warfare which guarantees the American side quite literal, godlike invulnerability. Can it be war if one side is never in danger?
American analysts would do well to appreciate the developing nuances in the drone debate in Pakistan before seeking to undermine the best program that the U.S. and Pakistan have in their mutual war on terror.