us drone strikes

Hafiz Saeed Khan was leader of the Islamic State branch in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The Somalian militant group has showed no signs of stopping its attacks.
U.S. drone strikes have killed scores of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.
The U.S. drone program in the country is highly controversial among Pakistanis.
Bordering lawless areas inside Pakistan, Nangarhar is one of the provinces where Islamic State militants are most active
While the Senate Intelligence Committee may be mostly in sync about keeping the drone triggers in the hands of the CIA, it’s
The Bush and Obama administrations pioneered the crossing of sovereign borders without permission for an ongoing killing process not defined as war and which has regularly taken out ordinary civilians, including significant numbers of children.
The United States has been cooperating with Yemeni security forces to track and kill suspected AQAP members in Yemen's deserts
New analysis of data conducted by human rights group Reprieve shared with the Guardian, raises questions about accuracy of
Other residents of Dahab's al-Manaseh village said they could neither confirm nor refute the reported death of the local
The attack took place in the tribal South Waziristan region and was the first U.S. drone strike in Pakistan since late September
Yemen is the main stronghold of AQAP, one of the Islamist militant group's most aggressive wings. The United States acknowledges
The people of Yemen can hear destruction before it arrives. In cities, towns and villages across this country, which hangs
Yemen is among a handful of countries where the United States acknowledges using drones, although it does not comment on
Hadi, who came to power in 2011 after months of turmoil forced his predecessor to step down, irked Yemenis last year by giving
"The Yemeni people are not afraid of al Qaeda, because al Qaeda will always fight and attack soldiers and troops and militants