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The U.S.'s decision reflects a desire to continue security cooperation as well as frustration with Cairo’s stance on civil liberties.
Wisner spoke to the legacy of Mubarak and his role in U.S. foreign policy over the years, telling Shihab-Eldin: "In essence
As the Egyptian military cracks down on Muslim Brotherhood protests, the United States has called for restraint while condemning
President Obama should publicly begin calling what just took place in Egypt a "military coup" and give the Egyptian military 48 hours to produce a road map to restore civilian rule.
Imperfect anniversaries provide the seeds for subsequent improvement. Maybe one way to commemorate 9/11/01 is not through remembering how we have felt, but summarizing what we have learned.
"What we can say beyond doubt is that it's definitely excessive use of tear gas and that's probably behind a lot of the problems
As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please, and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome.
Memo to Obama: Since your intelligence people didn't tell you, let me fill you in on why, by simply staying in the streets, the Egyptian people were able to topple a tyrant with 30 years seniority, sweeping him into the dustbin of history.
Egyptians deserve speedy and easy visibility on how democracy will be instituted. The U.S. has to be very careful not to be associated with the Egyptian military, but instead with the democratic forces that hopefully will take power.
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