u.s. embassy

The United States has shuttered its embassy in Sudan as fighting between the Sudanese army and a rival powerful paramilitary group entered a second week.
Video shared by CNN shows the aftermath of the alleged shelling, with several bodies seen on the ground.
The warning came as the European Union said it will impose a blanket flight ban on all Russian planes.
The offensive brought them closer to the nation's capital of Kabul.
Pres. Joe Biden said he was sending Marines only to protect the U.S. embassy.
Harry Harris, the U.S. ambassador to South Korea, wrote on social media that Martin Luther King Jr.’s work to end racial injustice remained unfinished in the world.
Hundreds of anti-government demonstrators flooded the streets of Baghdad and Iraq's southern provinces on Sunday.
The defense secretary said Iran planned to target the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad but couldn't back up the president's claim about the other locations.
17 Democrats urged the Trump administration to explain why it is reversing policies on Pride Month.