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17 Democrats urged the Trump administration to explain why it is reversing policies on Pride Month.
The attacker then committed suicide.
U.S. Embassy staff had experienced hearing loss, dizziness, cognitive issues and difficulty sleeping.
“Thanks to the president’s leadership, the alliance between our two countries has never been stronger."
The State Department will move to retrofit an existing building, rather than construct an entirely new one.
Models Bella and Gigi's father writes an emotional Instagram post over the president's decision.
“This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality," the president said Wednesday of the controversial decision.
Finally, for developmentistas who worry about greater State Department control of aid programs, there’s an amusing section
The proposed move of the U.S. Embassy is now getting additional pushback from opponents less-worried about the U.N. and international
United Village Transformation (UVT) has been working in Malawi since 2010 with a focus on education, nutrition and women's
As of 2010, there was a strong feeling among the general public that Egypt was approaching a major political, social and cultural overhaul. It was a sentiment that had begun to take root earlier, in 2004. But by 2010, after 30 years in power, the time had come for the presidency to be passed from Mubarak the father to Mubarak the son.
There were a few other folks on the bus and everyone looked terrified. I then realized that I needed to find the new lady
Evacuees use Incirlik community center to call home (Abu-Fadil) Thousands of Americans, mostly of Lebanese descent, were
Feng shui seeks to promote prosperity, good health, and general well-being by examining how energy, qi, (pronounced "chee
Lindwall and his colleagues mounted an intensive lobbying campaign among Guatemalan legislators, government officials and
As hierarchical as a government bureaucracy is, Sen sees significant change for the better in the Foreign Service -- especially
The impromptu ceremony at the Corozal American Cemetery outside Panama City in the summer of 1998 was over. Sundwall, a first
For decades, diplomacy was an almost exclusive club of mostly white male elites who dealt with foreign countries' elites