U.S. Figure Skating

Adam Schmidt claims that Richard Callaghan assaulted him repeatedly, adding to previous allegations against the coach.
The two-time U.S. pairs champion was being investigated by SafeSport after allegations were made against him.
"It's just kind of a given that you don’t fall," NBC's Terry Gannon says.
Figure skating is the original reality show. The sport's marriage of athleticism, theatre, intricate costuming and palpable drama is riveting. But it's lost its audience.
My 10th birthday was riddled with grief. I wasn't a little girl anymore. At Delaware, there were 6-year-olds who could jump higher and spin faster than me. At 10, it felt like the ice was melting. At 10, I was washed up.
Body shape and size, metabolism, etc. all play a huge role for athletes (e.g. Michael Phelps' body produces less lactic acid
CLICK HERE For breakdown of Wagner's score AP Photo/Julie Jacobson As was evident to anyone watching, Wagner was very happy
U.S. media picked up on the report, saying the arrangement would help Meryl Davis and Charlie White to become the first Americans