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A Defense Department agency is looking for private tunnels stretching several city blocks to be "temporarily used for testing."
Choreographer Madeline Hollander details what inspired the actors' evil physiques, including Pac-Man, "Death Becomes Her" and "The Exorcist."
The story of the real Hands Across America, homages to “The Shining” and “Jaws,” and the dark duality of Michael Jackson shape Jordan Peele’s twisted tale.
The director's sartorial tributes to "The Shining" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" caught the eye of fans on Twitter.
“I’m glad that I’m at a point where they will let me put this black family in a horror movie."
Using the song in a horror film "has me [re-evaluating] everything I’ve ever known," one Twitter user wrote.
Earlier on Saturday, al Qaeda's regional wing based in Yemen called on Muslims to kill American diplomats in Islamic countries