U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Remember when President Trump blocked a decision to allow hunters to bring back elephant trophies to the U.S.? The Fish and Wildlife Service has quietly announced hunters will be able to import them after all.
“There are no words possible for how beautiful they are.”
He halted his administration's decision earlier this week to lift a ban on the import of elephant parts from two African nations.
“The folly that the killing helps lions and elephants is just that ― pure folly."
The decision was made public by none other than the trophy hunting advocacy group that sued to block the Obama-era ban in 2014.
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should be off limits, they say.
"To suggest that we would despoil our environment for short-term gain is offensive," Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a supporter of the drilling, said during a hearing Thursday.
It’s a dark day in America when some of the nation’s most endangered wildlife – many literally knocking on extinction’s door
It's a "death sentence for the walrus," a conservation group said.
Conservationists say the decision could help save other imperiled wildlife.