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Bonhoeffer asks this question as he considers the Holocaust--looking back at both human depravity and the complicity that keeps "good humans" from acting. What turns all of us into bystanders and benefactors, safe in our homes, content not to rock the boat?
"We wish through the work of this commission to reach and transform as many human beings as possible. We hope to share our
I am honored to be with you this evening, honored to have been asked to speak to you here in the Hall of Remembrance which, in truth, could and perhaps should be called the Hall of Memory. Why "memory" in an institution devoted to memory? Because memory must come before remembrance.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted 25 years ago, yet we are still discussing the same issues for people with hearing loss. The terms "disability" and "access" have morphed into just meaning physical disability and physical access.
Holocaust Remembrance Day, observed last week, included many commemorations and programs that honored survivors, most of
If "Never Again" means that the world will mobilize to stop mass atrocities -- genocide, torture, ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and crimes against humanity -- then the integration of an exhibit at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum showing ongoing crimes in Syria that rise to that level belies our commitment to such a slogan.
Ilie Wacs and Deborah Strobin join HuffPost Live to discuss their search for the SS officer who saved their lives.
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's 20th Anniversary tour of the country stopped in NYC last weekend. Some 2,500
For survivors, of course, the memories and scars never fade. But there's another side of the story: In the aftermath of the Holocaust, an extraordinary drama of resiliency, rebirth and renewal took place in Austria and Germany: the creation of the Displaced Persons camps.
I can imagine that great day when Westboro heads out to protest and Americans shrug their shoulders. If a protest of my funeral takes them one step closer to future obscurity and irrelevance, then do your worst.
To the few remaining Dutch survivors of the Holocaust and to the descendants of the more than 100,000 Dutch Jews who were murdered by the Nazis during World War II, this upcoming Holocaust Day could be a particularly poignant one.
At Auschwitz, the infamous death camp that is now a walkable museum of the atrocities that occurred there, tens of thousands
Hate has always been present. But the recent spike in violence against immigrants is being fanned by the flames of the anger and hateful rhetoric being voiced in the debate over immigration.
Buchanan must be held publicly accountable for facilitating the dissemination of toxic hate speech that, as the Holocaust Museum shooting reminds us, can have tragic consequences.
Simon Wiesenthal, the great Nazi Hunter and humanitarian would say to us: "I don't judge a democratic society by how many Nazis there are, but by how many anti-Nazis there are."
"Nobody really knew what to do," said a person who was in the children's stories section of the museum. He said he heard