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Donald Trump's executive order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US is not fake news
Mexicans weren't happy that President Peña Nieto met with then-candidate Donald Trump in August 2016. Henry Romero/Reuters
What is already known is that Donald Trump's presidential run has fomented the rise of a particularly hideous form of xenophobia the likes of which this country hasn't seen in decades. Some of the most vile and ugly racists have used his candidacy as an excuse for slithering out from under their rocks and broadcasting their loathsome message of hate.
A car burns in Detroit riot 1943 Detroit News, Walter P Reuther Library, Wayne State University The parallels between the
The H-1B program is an important program that serves as a bridge to permanent immigration for talented foreign workers. It should be used to recruit truly specialized workers from abroad when the labor conditions are tight and a qualified American can't be found.
"It's a mess," reporter Jerry Markon tells HuffPost Live.
I felt as though my limbs had been torn from my body.
America's largest ethnic group has assimilated so well that people barely notice it. So ran a headline in The Economist (Feb 7). Those of us who sight and study and report on ethnic groups are also busy studying their role in religion in American public life.
"Give me your tired" and Republicans demand President Obama meet them at the border. Give me "your poor" and Republicans demand they be sent back immediately.
The president should uphold the principle that all people are created equal by taking bold action to protect immigrant and refugee families.