U.S. Intelligence Community

"He'll explode and the whole thing will get derailed, because he has this weird affinity for Putin," a former national security officer said.
More than 50 former intelligence officials who served under presidents from both parties say the recent Hunter Biden smear campaign is likely a Russian disinformation operation.
A HuffPost analysis finds the president has averaged less than one a week since July 1, after the public learned of Russian bounties on murdered U.S. soldiers.
The U.S. has tools available to enforce accountability and reasons to do so. Will the president ignore them?
Democrats have called the four-page memo misleading.
Trump praised the group releasing stolen emails even as he should’ve known it was an arm of Russian intelligence.
Nghia Hoang Pho worked in an elite hacking unit.
Amazon Web Services Secret Region expands after some troubling cloud security screwups.
“I think Mr. Putin is very clever in terms of playing to Mr. Trump’s interest in being flattered,” former CIA Director John Brennan said
He also took shots at the former heads of national intelligence, the CIA and the FBI.