us iran deal

Let there be no doubt that this is the best agreement ever negotiated to block a new country's acquisition of nuclear weapons. One can quibble with some of the details at the margins of the agreement, but at its core, it is an excellent agreement.
McConnell said he would be surprised if any Senate Republican supports the deal.
P.M. Netanyahu spoke yesterday, President Obama today. It amounts to a 15-round boxing match, and while we are not yet close to the last round, the cumulative impression is that the president has the advantage, and he may be increasing his lead.
Don't sweat the July nuclear accord between the United States and Iran. There are two crucial points to take away from all the angry chatter to come: first, none of this matters and second, the devil is not in the details, though he may indeed appear on those Sunday talk shows.
In the Middle East, when it comes to people who don't get along, the real negotiations start after the deal is struck, because then there is a relation to manage. Until then, negotiations are about if there will be a relation or not.
The Iran nuclear agreement is a very bad deal, and the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee starting yesterday just highlighted it in a big way. It is painfully clear now why so much of it is kept secret. Those who keep secrecy are those who have something to hide.
WASHINGTON, July 6 (Reuters) - The White House said Tuesday's deadline for negotiators in Vienna to come to a final, firm
Prior to Tuesday morning, that latter provision remained a sticking point, with Republicans pushing that any sanctions relief
"The December pledge by the United States was for €750,000, in addition to the €850,000 that we had previously pledged for
Iranian officials announced Thursday leaders had agreed to a framework for a final comprehensive deal, which they hope to