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"Faux feminist" first daughter champions U.S. workers, but her products are made exclusively overseas.
In addition to the clothing line, the Trump Home collection trademark is registered in India.
While the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal is being hotly debated in Congress, the fact is that this trade deal -- or any trade deal -- will have little impact on American jobs, or more specifically, on the decline in good-paying jobs for middle-class Americans.
Percentage of Foreign-Born The former Republican senator from Pennsylvania who is preparing for a second presidential campaign
One of the saddest truths about the so-called economic recovery is that the middle-class jobs lost in the recession are being
There needs to be more certainty for policymakers and the public if they are going to go along with such a deal. Americans deserve a bigger say in their future.
So it should seem especially prescient that just last month, Bridgestone Tires, the world's largest tire and rubber manufacturer
Time has healed no wounds when it comes to how secure Americans feel at work, according to a recent poll. The country's poorest
Here are some of the most notable companies bringing jobs back to the U.S.: It's no secret U.S. companies save billions of
As an eco-designer focused on wellness in the home, it is my belief that most U.S. based manufacturing firms adhere to rigorous testing criteria, environmental standards and sustainability programs that lift them to the next level in their stewardship of our environment.