U.S. Marine Corps

The penis-shaped flight path aroused controversy when it appeared over Southern California in October.
Is this the man who can bring order to the Trump White House? Meet General John Kelly, a 46 year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the President’s new chief of staff.
Photos of the service members were reportedly shared on a closed Facebook page.
The word "man" is being erased from 19 roles in the service.
In the last year, aviation deaths in the Marine Corps have reached a five-year high.
The young men are nearly all in their 20s, still fresh in the memories of high school teachers.
Michael wanted to make a plan, wanted to know what he'd be doing for the winter. He started thinking about those farmer-training programs he'd read about, and decided to apply.
It's one of his favorite Christmas traditions, even though the Marines make him feel "small."
HONOLULU (AP) — A hybrid aircraft that crashed in Hawaii this year, killing two Marines, flew in sandy or dusty conditions
Minka, on the other hand, was immediately attentive to the former Marine the moment she entered the household. "When we arrived
These are just four stories -- and I hear stories every day; stories that magnify the sacrifices that military families regularly face, of the courage and commitment shown, and of the hopes for the future.
Military personnel must understand values all Americans share, but recognize how their responsibilities change with their oath. Every military initiative in the area of morals and ethics must be grounded in the core values that flow from that oath.
WASP Millie Dalrymple, who in 1942 answered our country's call for women pilots to serve at home in order to free male pilots