U.S. Marshals

Anthony Ojeda, aka Erik Jonathan Donas-Ojeda, was taken into custody in Mexico alongside his husband.
Baltimore allegedly fatally shot his former boss, Kendell Jerome Cook, at his Pennsylvania barbershop last year. He now graces the U.S. Marshals Service's Most Wanted list.
Kaitlin Marie Armstrong was last seen in New Jersey after allegedly fleeing Austin, where Anna Wilson was shot to death in a suspected love-triangle killing.
The president described the killing of Michael Forest Reinoehl, who was charged in the death of a right-wing protester in Portland, before a cheering crowd.
Simple headlines obscure the complex realities of abuse, sex work and the real threats to American children.
A competitor charged in a complaint that the company "trades" on the Trump name, presenting the "appearance of preferential treatment."
Armed officers and an angry crowd faced off late Wednesday after reports that at least one man was fatally shot by authorities in north Memphis.
The letter says all three inmates survived the escape.
"F**k that baby … I hope she dies," Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda allegedly said.
For the first time since a May 31 order, each defendant in a mass hearing is no longer treated “like a bear on a chain.”