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In an exclusive Q&A with HuffPost Mexico, the Democratic nominee answered questions about U.S.-Mexican relations, the Latino vote and more.
The second goal might be more important: to explore the extreme social and economic contrasts found along the Tijuana-San
U.S. agents seized over 2,200 pounds of cocaine and over 11,000 pounds of marijuana.
Sooner or later, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán is bound to escape from prison again. In 2001, he did so by hiding in a laundry basket. Last year, after only 16 months of being locked-up, he escaped through a mile long tunnel dug under Mexico´s highest security prison.
"The border and Mexico have long been a kind of punching bag for the United States."
The Mexican Federal Police, Mexico's primary public security institution, does not have a public manual on the use-of-force, meaning no current standards define when a member of the police can use force, including lethal, on another person.
While even the main proponents of NAFTA will admit that it is a flawed agreement, targeting it as the root of every problem that has emerged in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada in the last 20 years is misguided -- but reflects the need for more comprehensive economic and social policy collaboration between the two.