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Air Force and Navy teams swap academies to figure out how to go even greener.
The stories of female vets don't always get traction. For example, awareness of concerns like Military Sexual Trauma have recently received recognition. Yet, the experiences that women go through in the military frequently remain under the radar.
He criticized sexual assault prevention efforts he said put an unfair burden on male students.
Sixty graduates of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the US Naval Academy at Annapolis recently signed this letter to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, in response to the Marine Corps's requests to keep some of their units closed to women.
He may not be known for his oratorical/linguistic skills, but as commencement speakers go, Joe Biden did himself proud at the U.S. Naval Academy's recent graduation and commissioning ceremonies.
The oath of office is well-known and traces its heritage to Washington's oath written for the Continental Army. Unlike Washington's oath, however, this oath contains four final words: "So Help Me God."
A productive morning is finding two matching black dress socks for work. I couldn't bear putting any more pressure on my dress code.
The Mall area was also more cluttered than ever with monuments, museums and other structures jockeying for space. I went
"Civilian faculty have been advised that not only can we not teach classes during a furlough, but also that we cannot send
It was not a gay couple nor a lesbian couple who were denied a wedding at the United States Naval Academy Main Chapel (Main Chapel), but a straight one. Why? Simply because they are Humanists.
Staten Island has its wayward zebras and ponies. Northern Virginia and Maryland have stolen goat college mascots.
When I was an Army ROTC cadet at Georgetown University, we were taught the importance of being "warrior scholars." This Memorial Day it seems fitting to consider the raw brainpower that complements our civilian leadership at NATO.
Annapolis Naval Academy freshmen make a human wall to climb the Herndon Monument which is covered with lard in Annapolis
While attitudes among cadets are generally accepting, the cadets said pockets of resistance remain. The midshipman at the
President Obama acted decisively. There wasn't any jingoism going on, no cowboy talk, just a lot of dignity and class. How's that for change you can believe in?
The crowd then erupted in cheers and Clark lead the students in a deafening version of the U.S. Naval Academy's "I Believe
A synthetic form of marijuana is widely used at the U.S. Naval Academy because it cannot be detected in routine drug tests
The Times has more: A synthetic recreational drug and purported marijuana substitute is behind the recent expulsion of seven