U.S. Open Tennis

Carlos Alcaraz defeated Casper Ruud in the U.S. Open final to earn his first Grand Slam at age 19 and become the youngest man to move up to No. 1 in the rankings.
The 19-year-old tennis player pulled off a victory thanks to a spectacular move that made the U.S. Open crowd go wild.
The tennis bad boy lost in five sets and erupted in frustration.
"There's a first time for anything," a U.S. Tennis Association official said.
She drank it all in for a second year in a row at the Grand Slam tennis tournament.
"I have never seen that before," one tennis veteran said of Kyrgios' stunt.
“Oh, my God, thank you so much. You guys were amazing today. I tried,” Williams told the audience,
Who needs "House of the Dragon" or "The Rings of Power" when you can watch the most suspenseful TV saga live in prime time?
"Probably not something I want to be breathing in in between points.” the No. 23 seed said.
Playing in the final tournament of her career, Serena Williams beat the #2-ranked tennis player in the world to advance in the U.S. Open.