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Still, if the U.S. begins once again to lean on Pakistan’s military, it will be a complex and controversial process. Yet
What is Pakistan's problem? Let us come back to that first. Pakistan needs to make its stature clear and work on the common interests which will be of essence be it trading or opening up safe and secure paths to foreign investments.
It is true that the current superpower is not an angel, but the way we are viewing things has seriously affected our own welfare and virtually made us unable to self introspect.
The need for a paradigm shift in the bilateral relationship appears to be an idea whose time has come within the U.S. foreign policy community. A revived U.S.-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue has the potential to launch a different kind of strategic framework.
US drone attacks are deeply unpopular in Pakistan, but Washington sees them as a vital tool in the fight against militants
The U.S. Census Bureau in 2010 estimated that there were over 300,000 U.S. residents of Pakistani descent living in the United
U.S. drone strikes killed a Pakistani grandmother and 18 civilian labourers last year, Amnesty International said on Tuesday, shedding new light on a major source of tension in U.S.-Pakistani relations.
According to the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, drones often also target rescuers coming to help those
It is extremely heartening that the United States and Pakistan have chosen educational cooperation, among other types, as a key instrument of engagement with each other.
Knowing that the uneasy relations between Pakistan and the United States will continue to ebb and flow as American troops prepare to leave Afghanistan, he thinks that people-to-people contact is the only way out of the practice of demonising each other.
His activities in the border area, described by U.S. President Barack Obama as the world's most dangerous place, could complicate
Anyone who knows Pakistan knows that it's simplistic to chant (like the sheep in Animal Farm), "Civilians good, military ba-a-a-ad." But it's also true that a military takeover is not only far from out of the question, but likely only to make things worse. So where can we look for leadership?
It seems that by allowing the drone-deployers to prevail over the diplomats, the Obama White House is pushing tactics over strategy. Some may debate this, but a drone triumphalism seems to be dominating over other key strategic equities that the U.S. should be concerned about.
Three drone strikes in as many days on suspected militants have killed 27 people, Pakistani intelligence officials say. The
There is, in fact, nothing new in the way Islamabad has been squeezing Washington lately. It has a long record of getting the better of U.S. officials by identifying areas of American weakness and exploiting them successfully to further its agenda.
In the first strike, a drone fired missiles at a vehicle in the Birmal area of the South Waziristan tribal region, killing
Forcing U.S.-Pakistan relations to a breaking point does not serve U.S. interests, or Pakistan's. No matter how much Pakistanis resent the U.S., our support at the IMF is critical to keeping Pakistan afloat.
In Galveston, doctors agreed to treat Shakira for free. They will operate on the scars on her face and body, although she
A NATO air attack that killed at least twenty-four Pakistani soldiers along the Afghan border has further damaged a U.S.-Pakistan relationship that has lurched from crisis to crisis this year.
Pakistan's arrest of three men it identified as senior operatives of terrorist organization al-Qaeda is being touted as a sign of renewed cooperation between Washington and Islamabad after months of tense relations.