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Pakistani army troops arrive to conduct an operation at the Peshawar military school under attack by Pakistani Taliban gunmen
What is Pakistan's problem? Let us come back to that first. Pakistan needs to make its stature clear and work on the common interests which will be of essence be it trading or opening up safe and secure paths to foreign investments.
It is true that the current superpower is not an angel, but the way we are viewing things has seriously affected our own welfare and virtually made us unable to self introspect.
The need for a paradigm shift in the bilateral relationship appears to be an idea whose time has come within the U.S. foreign policy community. A revived U.S.-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue has the potential to launch a different kind of strategic framework.
Another official in the city of Peshawar confirmed the attack, saying the identities of the militants were immediately unclear
The Huffington Post interviewed many of the people quoted here in Urdu and translated their responses. Malik, the USPAK president
U.S. drone strikes killed a Pakistani grandmother and 18 civilian labourers last year, Amnesty International said on Tuesday, shedding new light on a major source of tension in U.S.-Pakistani relations.
Most of the time, the dead are militants although their rank is often unclear, residents, militants and Pakistani security
It is extremely heartening that the United States and Pakistan have chosen educational cooperation, among other types, as a key instrument of engagement with each other.
Knowing that the uneasy relations between Pakistan and the United States will continue to ebb and flow as American troops prepare to leave Afghanistan, he thinks that people-to-people contact is the only way out of the practice of demonising each other.