u.s. park police

The mass arrests took place on the first day of anti-globalization protests. Among those arrested were nurses in the city
Warm, and full of puffing sailboats, and washing-machine clean. I am having a hard time believing this is New York harbor -- and that I am kayaking it.
Wade Simmons, 41, had been charged with making threats to a police officer. He denied wrongdoing and was released after being
The National Park Service was due to begin enforcing its no-camping regulations on Jan. 30. NPS is facing pressure from congressional
On Friday, the National Park Service started warning Occupy DC activists that it would enforce the agency's prohibition on
And as a new fixture of the Capitol campus, the Capitol Police will oversee its security. Barna said the Park Service had
As the Examiner notes, Occupy protesters canceled two planned protests on Wednesday because of the funeral of a Park Police
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Johnson said she is not aware of any assaults in either encampment, other than the alleged sexual assault last week that
President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were not at the White House at the time of Friday's incident. According to
That search was unsuccessful, The Associated Press reported. Park Police Sgt. David Schlosser told the AP that callers informed
Witnesses reported the driver of that vehicle jumped out of the car and ran across the Roosevelt Bridge into Virginia. A
Oberwetter sued on free speech grounds, but the appeals court ruled last week that her conduct was indeed prohibited "because