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Trump claims 3 million people illegally voted in 2016. But he's relentlessly sabotaged recounts in three states that could
Johnson was highly regarded for his encouraging teaching style and dedication to his students (many of whom spoke little
They may not respect each other privately, but as candidates for president, they claim to be leaders. If you are going to lead you have to set an example of how to treat those who disagree with you. I thought decorum was called for in this place and time.
They also question whether either major-party candidate is honest.
The 148-page Delaware decision, released August 1, came in a challenge to the state's law on deliberations in capital punishment cases. The challenge was brought on behalf of Benjamin Rauf, a Temple Law School graduate accused of murdering a classmate.
With Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom now set to vie for the title of Britain's second female Prime Minister, global attention turns to women running in two other elections, which reach major milestones later this month.
MELBOURNE, Australia -- In a recent poll, almost two-thirds of surveyed voters said they have little or no confidence in the political wisdom of the American public to make the right decisions and choose the person best suited to lead their country.
While Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton or Ted Turner sleep thinking about immigration issues, internal politics or relations with China and the Middle East, there is another candidate in competition, which goes beyond the present.
Carson has said he would require any Muslim candidate for the presidency to address the question of sharia and explicitly renounce any belief in it. After such repudiation Carson would be quite willing to support a Muslim candidate. I suspect that most Americans, once made aware of the foregoing facts, would feel that way, including many Muslims.
Attacks on police are a great media story, but if the false narrative -- that policing is getting more dangerous -- continues to spread it will have a significant effect on how police do their jobs --- making them more fearful than they already are, with increasingly deadly results for the general public.
On a recent visit to Europe I was most struck by the latent and open anti-American sentiments that are contaminating the political elites across the continent. This is especially strange in a year when we commemorate the end of the Cold War.
I'm in the very early stages of preparing a campaign to try to run in the 2016 election for US President. I'll be doing it as a transhumanist for the Transhumanist Party, a political organization I recently founded that seeks to use science and technology to radically improve the human being and the society we live in.
Although many countries around the world have had a woman as the leader of their government, the U.S. has never had a woman president. Women were running for president, though, even before women had the right to vote.
It's a clear sign Putin is doing everything within his power to prevent a massive social controversy from occurring. In the end, it will be a surprise if all the political maneuvering and rhetoric has any effect on the Olympics.
In fact, the president only kept one present personally: a copy of "Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World,” by
Over the past four years, Barack Obama has traveled far and wide. He's dined with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, toured
Super PACs were supposed to overwhelm the elections and buy races for wealthy donors. They did spend over $1 Billion, but analysis shows they had no discernible impact.