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Finally, do you think that by doing good, you're more successful? Definitely. I think most importantly, the show addresses
And why do we no longer have tuition-free public colleges? It perhaps began when Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California
To shrink the prison population, we'll need to think a lot bigger than nonviolent drug offenders.
A book of black poetry slides under a cell door in solitary confinement. And it changes everything.
As Americans, we know the overwhelming impact incarceration has on our children and our communities. No longer can we afford to sit idle on the sidelines with bated breath and watch our communities deteriorate. Instead, we must place stronger demands on our government.
State officials credit Ohio’s relatively low recidivism on community programs, like the Horizon Prison Initiative, that provide
NEW YORK (AP) -- In an effort to reduce the number of people locked up in local jails around the U.S., the John D. and Catherine
The program's participants can attest to its impact. "I used to be complacent," Christopher Holbert, a PEP participant told
"We tried to get rid of all the elements that reminded people it was a former prison as quickly as we could," Jon DeCarmine
In the criminal justice reform arena, states have taken the lead. From rolling back harsh mandatory minimum sentences to decreasing their prisons' populations states are taking steps to be smart on crime.
You may know the U.S. puts more of its citizens behind bars than any other country, but that's just the start.
Hutson told the Tampa Bay Times that when an inmate is locked up, it costs about $70 a month to use 300 phone minutes. Along
In the year that followed, Edge spent several months filming in the segregation unit of Maine's state prison. "Solitary Nation
Beyond jobs, food and our vets, few things keep me up more than the disastrous functionality of our prison system. It is, after all, no secret that the U.S. houses 25 percent of the world's inmates, while representing a mere 5 percent of the world's population.
IN THEORY, PRIVATELY RUN PRISONS are simply another municipal resource that for-profit management companies like the Corrections
The teenager opened her neighbor's unlocked car, grabbed the iPhone off the armrest and ran home, a few doors away in her
Like most people in prison, most people in solitary will eventually return to our communities, to our neighborhoods. How we treat them while they are inside will go some way in determining the lives they live among us when they come home.
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