us prison system

You recently participated in American Women's video with several other stars, calling on policymakers to implement laws guaranteeing
California was becoming more conservative, in other words. Instead of seeing the education of the state's youth as a patriotic
To shrink the prison population, we'll need to think a lot bigger than nonviolent drug offenders.
A book of black poetry slides under a cell door in solitary confinement. And it changes everything.
As Americans, we know the overwhelming impact incarceration has on our children and our communities. No longer can we afford to sit idle on the sidelines with bated breath and watch our communities deteriorate. Instead, we must place stronger demands on our government.
"Having a job is the key to successful re-entry and breaking the cycle of incarceration," Beverly Parenti, co-founder of
Some other proposed changes include reforming the bail system advocates say unduly punishes poor suspects, working with judges
A prison program is providing inmates with a business education that will help them get a fresh start. Inmates from the Texas
Fewer prisoners in cells means more room for resources that benefit communities, and groups around the country are taking
In the criminal justice reform arena, states have taken the lead. From rolling back harsh mandatory minimum sentences to decreasing their prisons' populations states are taking steps to be smart on crime.