US-Russian relations

Any people that has the means of its own defense and doesn't make the effort shows a lack of self-respect. Moreover, resistance ending in defeat can also demonstrate self-respect. "Nobody wants a foreign master," said the ancient Melians to the Athenians before being crushed by them.
While Russophobia in Georgia has been on a rapid rise in the aftermath of the five-day war, speculation about the growing anti-Russian sentiment inside U.S. academic circles may be inaccurate.
Moscow's rejection of U.S. pleas to hand over Snowden and grant him a year's asylum on Thursday has prompted President Barack
The Snowden affair has thrown Russia into the limelight, but longer-term issues deserve more attention -- the country's swerve toward authoritarian rule and diminishing political stability.
The last thing we need in a president is a political chameleon stuck in a Reagan-esque time warp with a black and white view of the world, and a "Panderer-in-Chief" who caters incessantly to the lowest common denominator of the American voter.
"We are convinced that at a time of extreme internal political crisis, the role of the international community should not
I've looked at/listened to newly-appointed U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul's recent video presentation to the people of Russia. Based on my Foreign Service experience in Moscow as Cultural Affairs Officer (1998-2001), several aspects of the talk struck me.
House Speaker John Boehner, in his anti-Russian rant to the Heritage Foundation this week, puts partisan politics and ideology above the best interests of his own country.
Our focus was on how best to present the Russian perspective to an American audience and hopefully to reach a large audience through online streaming options.
Regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats win in the congressional or presidential elections in coming years, Washington will, in my opinion, continue to carry out the reset policy with only slight modifications, which is in line with US interests.
The ratification process is sure to be challenging, but the fact that Presidents Medvedev and Obama achieved such a complex and globally significant deal should be lauded as a genuine achievement.
Russia, like the European Union, has issued a ban on birds raised using standard American practices. As a result their chicken is more flavorful, more healthy but also more expensive.
GENEVA -- A carefully orchestrated, closely-watched meeting here between Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and her
Russia needs Western know-how and financing to exploit its vast energy resources. And the US needs new energy suppliers until country is effectively weaned off foreign oil.
2009 could be the year when America and Russia decide to make dramatic reductions in nuclear weapons and convene an international conference of all nuclear nations to agree to the complete elimination of nuclear weapons from the face of the earth.
Dmitri Medvedev pledges to Russian voters that he is the best candidate who can guarantee that things in Moscow will not change. Vote for him and nothing abrupt will happen.
Much like Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie, Russia's importance derives from the fact that the American media pays such close attention to it.