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The theft on a Brooklyn, New York, street is a "very big deal."
Maj. Dorian de Wind - U.S. Air Force, Retired Dear Sirs and Madams, Perhaps, then, Mr. Trump might understand how these men
The theft occurred in broad daylight.
Our new sense of high alert is particularly urgent as we enter the winter holiday season when more people travel than at
Baldwin, formerly a uniformed officer assigned to the Secret Service's Foreign Missions Branch, is being investigated by
The Secret Service is trying to regain its elite reputation after it was rocked by a scandal that surfaced in April, 2012, when male agents brought prostitutes to their hotel rooms in Cartagena, Columbia, while advancing Obama's trip to a summit meeting.
"[Engler] started arguing with me and throwing his arms around while I was conducting a pat down," wrote the arresting officer
"The United States stands in solidarity with Colombia and its campaign against the FARC," he said of Colombia's largest guerrilla
Bongino added: "I’m not the first candidate to have a family member in a bad scrape." His brother did not respond a request
Obama, who arrived in Colombia after the incident said Sunday that "of course I'll be angry" if the accusations are true