U.S. Secretary Of State

2012 nominee Mitt Romney had begged Republicans to pick someone, anyone, else.
VIENNA (AP) — Invoking the need for joint action after the terrorist attacks on Paris, foreign ministers of nearly 20 nations
BERLIN, Feb 26 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry offered a defense of freedom of speech, religion and thought in the United States on Tuesday telling German students that in America "you have a right to be stupid if you want to be."
"And we tolerate it. We somehow make it through that. Now, I think that's a virtue. I think that's something worth fighting
The Washington Post, which first reported Clinton's choice, said Clinton met with Grossman at the State Department on Monday
In Latin America, as everywhere, the doctrine of Human Rights, begun in the Carter administration but left to atrophy by all administrations since, walks hand in hand with any pro-democracy agenda.
It's reportedly been 20 years since a U.S. Secretary of State traveled to Yemen, so all eyes were definitely on Hillary Clinton
I was impressed with Kenneth Merten's patience, understanding of Haiti, and grasp of the issues involved with post-earthquake
Although difficult to imagine, Haiti lost in less than a minute their National Legislature and Departments of Education, Health
Give Hillary Clinton a break. Give this woman at the very least the minimum level of respect by allowing her one full-term to do her job.