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The incident comes a week after China scrambled fighter jets as a U.S. Navy ship sailed close to a disputed reef.
Several countries have squabbled over the region's natural resources and trading routes for decades.
The U.S. confirmed that China recently deployed fighter jets to Woody Island.
"[Our interest is] to demonstrate that we will uphold the principle of freedom of navigation."
SYDNEY -- China today is a very powerful and ambitious country, led by a man who really is determined to build new model of great power relations in Asia to replace the regional order based on U.S. primacy. There are no low-risk, low-cost ways to respond to this challenge.
"The Chinese side expresses its strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition."
BEIJING -- Washington needs to state and re-state that what it is determined to defend is the global commons, not its naval supremacy in the South China Sea. The former wins high ground in the court of international opinion. The latter may generate headlines for the grandstand wanting to see U.S.-Chinese rivalry, but it will likely result in a limited alliance and set the region down a zero-sum track.
The state-run Global Times newspaper backed the use of “non-peaceful” measures against Vietnam and the Philippines on Friday
China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and Taiwan all claim territory in the South China Sea. China's claim is