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The U.S. economy should stay in pretty good shape, as long as people don't overreact.
Regardless of the policy choices that Chinese leaders must face, the average Chinese citizen will not be able to go to the polls. How they choose to voice their frustration and how Chinese policymakers react will be a very interesting dance over the next 18 months.
When everyone's rushing for the door, you need someone to offer you a way out or you could be in trouble.
Now, we'll see in 2014 if the market has been right. There is nothing scarier for many people than losing money. Fast. When
Yet Another Dumb Debt-Ceiling Fight: The thing that first set markets on edge was talk starting back in May from Federal
If economists add so little value to markets, why do markets pay economists so much for their advice?
In my Wealthy Investor program we call these three stocks Superior Dow Stocks due to their tendency to rise over time based on consistent annual revenue growth. However, if their revenue were to decline year over year in 2013, then the "date" would end.
The focus on innovation appears to be slowing. That could mean slower revenue growth in 2013. In fact, its slower revue growth has contributed to the stock's recent price decline from $700 to $466 per share. As an investor, your job is to find the next Apple.
Go ahead and cheer the climbing market, but don't kid yourself that it's raining down wealth on everybody.
Do our leaders work together like a team who wants to win the Super Bowl? Or do they argue and fight like a team destined to be a bunch of losers who go nowhere! The results they produce in the summer will tell you if we're on the path to victory or defeat.