u.s. surveillance

The European Union is still grappling with privacy concerns -- but a decision is coming soon.
Americans need to hold all 2016 candidates to account, congressional and presidential. We can play a role in shaping the platform and agenda, rather than reluctantly accepting a system of mass surveillance.
Does American based media and technology better serve to facilitate opportunities for U.S. surveillance/spying or to further our American values, influence and business?
"We have immediately been in contact with the U.S. authorities in Washington D.C. and in Brussels and have confronted them
"This is sheer nonsense," she said, without elaborating. Snowden told the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong's main English
Here's one American picking up the phone. I realize that when I call on my Verizon cell-phone, someone may be listening in on the conversation without my consent. That's exactly why it's time for action.
I don't like the idea of an unmanned aircraft buzzing in the skies around my neighborhood (even police helicopters are annoying) with the sole purpose of collecting information by filming the activities of citizens who have not broken the law.
What the Patriot Act did was legitimize a violation of Americans' long-cherished privacy rights. Its passage has snowballed into a massive assault on our constitutional freedoms.
Privacy advocates have asked lawmakers to investigate the Department of Homeland Security office in charge of protecting
We are being asked to become a weak nation that accepts surveillance without accountability that cannot defend both security and freedom.