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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is leaving his post in February, citing conflicting views with President Donald Trump.
The president still has not visited service members in combat zones, 22 months into his term. President Barack Obama visited Iraq three months into his first term.
“We are not winning in Afghanistan right now,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had said.
The U.S.-backed bid to retake Mosul will feature several fighting forces. Some are bitter rivals, but all are hellbent on driving out ISIS.
Pretend you're out here with us.
WASHINGTON (AP) — One U.S. troop was killed and two wounded in fighting Tuesday in southern Afghanistan, the U.S. military
Gabbard and Kinzinger were two of several lawmakers who have questioned the Obama administration’s reliance on Iraqi security
Stivers' office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Stivers has been one of the payday lending industry's
Ghani’s ambitious plans did raise a few eyebrows -- lawmakers specifically questioned whether Afghanistan could truly manage
It makes little sense to continue with the same tactic of perpetual war, without any assurance of a better strategic outcome. To assume that another Iraq war will keep us "safe" doesn't address the nature of terrorism or the nature of failed wars.