US-UK relations

The 19-year-old victim's mother directly appealed to American leadership, saying, "President Trump, we're a family in ruin."
The newspaper's board said Trump's trip "will serve to put on display the widening cracks" that he "has introduced into one of America’s closest alliances."
[Secretary of State Dean] Acheson's quite unsubtle remark stayed with them, "Britain has lost an Empire but not found a role
Most world leaders have taken the opposite stance on Britain's upcoming referendum on Europe.
You have to be comfortable talking nuclear tech, royal protocol and "Downton Abbey."
The winners come from all corners of the country, represent great diversity of gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background, and will study at universities across the United Kingdom. There they will join thousands of other Americans, some of them supported by other prestigious scholarships such as Rhodes, Gates and Fulbright.
As Gov. Romney lands in London this week, he would be wise to realize that our European alliances are not something that holds us back. Our alliance helps to move our national security agenda forward.
In a contest organised by the National Army Museum, Washington triumphed over Irish independence hero Michael Collins, France's
The new U.S./U.K. Defence Trade Cooperation treaty ensures that Britain and America can share our world-class defence capabilities more efficiently and more effectively.
The odd British ambassador in Washington revels in it. But most cringe when they hear the expression, and at least one has