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It "rekindles one of the greatest bromances in television history."
I have always found episodic television a curious teacher, it acclimates us to new ideas and the diversity of our culture
After what transpired during the fifth season finale of 'Suits' with [Spoiler], Mike Ross going to jail for being a fake lawyer, audiences may be heading into a different territory with the series' storytelling.
There's even some resolution for Hank's bad-boy father Eddie (Henry Winkler) ( above), whose sense of responsibility stopped
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The dark drama Colony, in which a small band of rebels fights to liberate America, offers an encouraging sign for the USA network in its own battle to establish a new beachhead in the world of TV.
My brain is as fried as fsociety's hard drives, but in a good way.
But fans can expect an answer to their biggest question by season's end.