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Gymnastics was just the beginning of the rot in our youth sports culture.
Two senators were among those calling for his resignation as widespread sexual abuse of athletes came to light.
The report paints a picture reminiscent of the USA Gymnastics sexual abuse scandal.
Ariana Kukors says her longtime coach Sean Hutchison began "grooming" her when she was 13.
The potential for handcuffs comes into play when the gens d’armes are sent on a wild goose chase.
"It’s something all of us in Baltimore know well."
As a two-time Olympic swimmer, a three-time NCAA national team champion, and a survivor of coach-athlete sexual abuse, I have fought both publicly and behind the scenes to address sexual abuse in sport through Safe4Athletes. While I knew my sport had monsters, I was naive to think that they were mostly on the pool deck.
His "promising" swimming career is done.
The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are quickly approaching. Recent media coverage has fixated on global athletic governance, its impact on fairness, and the blurred lines between international politics and sports